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Events calendar

Sunday. 05 July, 2020 - Saturday. 11 July, 2020
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Monday. 06 July, 2020
9:00 am

IPSAS Financial Reporting Disclosure

Lagos, Nigeria

This course provides an overview of the most important requirements for preparing financial statements and disclosures under accrual based IPSAS. 

9:00 am

Contract Management Principles and Practices

Atlanta, USA

In this skills-building course, you will spend 50% of class time working on contracting activities, from requirements documentation through to contract closure.

9:00 am

Key Performance Indicators & Optimisation

Luton-London, UK

The course clarifies the differences and connections between critical success factors (CSFs), key results indicators (KRIs), and key performance Indicators (KPIs) explaining how each should be used and how to pick the vital few measures from the many indicators that most organisations use.

9:00 am

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy, Governance & Project

London, UK

This course is designed to provide participants with in-depth analyses and rationale for ICT strategy and the reasons why an organization might need a governance framework.

9:00 am

Directing and Leading Complex Projects

London, UK

This intensive training programme aims at providing learner advanced strategies, tools, and techniques for managing complex projects.

9:00 am

Research Methods, Data Analysis and Report Writing Skills

Dubai, UAE

The course will strengthen attendees’ ability to gather, use, understand and interpret data. Using the “numbers for strategic planning and development" participants will be able to understand how to improve their decision-making process in public management.