International Taxation Treatments of Oil, Gas, Mining and Other Extractive Activities

This 5-day workshop starts with an overview of relevant international tax considerations in this field and how the tax risks and treaties are managed. The workshop is designed to provide participants with an in-depth analysis of international taxation issues related to oil and gas and other mining activities. The workshop will further explore treaty characterization of various types, income that are associated with this industry, and the taxation of expatriate employees.

The event concludes with an analysis of transfer pricing issues that are commonly found in the oil and gas and other mining industries and provides insights into how these issues are managed.

Course Content

  • International taxation of oil and gas and other mining activities
  • Major concepts and trends in oil and gas taxation
  • Exploration and extraction activities
  • Permanent establishment concepts
  • Managing international resource tax issues
  • Mining and oil concessions and regulations
  • Default rules and treaties
  • Offshore exploration activities
  • Characterization of income
  • Treatment of taxation of expatriate employees and cross-border income
  • Transfer pricing issues in the oil and gas industry - part 1 and part 2
  • Case studies

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this workshop participants will have an in-depth analysis of the international tax issues that are related to oil and gas and other extractive activities. More specifically these activities that deals with tax treaties and how tax treaties impact the taxation of enterprises engaged in such activities as well as their employees.


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22/06/2020 26/06/2020 Edinburgh, UK £2,200 22
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